Friday, February 19, 2010

Game Changer: It’s The Little Things!

It was an honor and privilege to be asked to participated in Sarah Robinson's "30 Days To Changing Your Game." The idea; 30 bloggers, 30 blog posts and 30 ways to inspire others to create new habits and new ways of thinking to changing their game.

The excerpt from my article is below. You can read the full article; It’s The Little Things on Sarah Robinson's Blog, Escaping Mediocrity.

There is no secret to being a success on Twitter; it’s the little things that count. The same principles can be applied to your daily life as well.
A few things I did that changed my game and it can for you too.
Value - Sharing your knowledge, expertise and helping others with it, adds value. You will be the trusted person that everyone will go to.
Be Nice – Being nice is very easy to do and don’t expect anything in return. It doesn’t take much to show kindness, that kindness will be returned in full when you least expect it.
Community – Contributing and being part of a community; helps build relationships and trust. It will also give you the sense of belonging, like family. When in need, you can call on your community for support.
Share Your Life – Take a chance; Open up and share something about your life. People are more willing to do business with someone they know something about, builds trust.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mayhem Studios On Judging Panel For Mediabistro's First Annual Logo Awards

It's an honor to be asked to sit on the judging panel for the First Annual Mediabistro Logo Awards. The impressive jury includes famous names, ground-breaking newcomers, and mid-level creatives who know all the factors that make and break great design, including; Calvin Lee, Mayhem Studios, Armin Vit, Underconsideration, Rob Janoff,, David Airey, and Fa’eq Al’Olaiwat, MadinaB

Mediabistro First Annual Logo Awards Contest celebrates and promotes the best in logo design. Builds buzz for your work, your firm, and your client.

Winners will be promoted to millions around the world through several websites such as Brands of the, Ads of the World,, Graphic Design Forum, Unbeige, Liquid Treat and others.

So head on over to Mediabistro's First Annual Logo Awards and submit your logos NOW!

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

How To Network On-line For Your Next Big Project

These days I do a lot of my networking and marketing on-line. The web reaches more people than any brochure or media kit, with less time and money. The two that really helped me are: On-line networking/directory web sites and posting in forums.

Having a profile/account/portfolio on any free networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Creative Hotlist will get your name out there. Posting on forums will also help to build relations and trust that may bring you new clients and projects.

That's how Create Magazine contacted me to design their 5 page featured article. I have a portfolio on their site. After looking at my work. They thought I might be a good fit for the magazine.

I post on design forums pretty often and have built many relations. As a result, Jeff Fisher, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, asked me to submit some of my work for his new book, Identity Crisis! 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands.

Another example, Steve Gordon, Jr., RDQLUS Creative. Asked me to submit my work for his book, 100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers: Insider Secrets for Working Smart & Staying Creative.

Twitter is really a great place for building connections, relationships and interactions with brands and high profile people like Chris Brogan or Guy Kawasaki. In the off-line world you wouldn't have these opportunities, or would be very difficult to get in contact with them.

I've been talking (bantering) with Guy Kawasaki on Twitter for some time. He must really like my style, because Guy approached me to do some design work for him and Alltop. He's a really cool guy (no pun intended) to work with. He actually, listens and are open to suggestions.

If you get a chance, take it to the next level by attending Meetups, Tweetups and Conferences, where you actually meet "In Real Life (IRL)." It's like meeting an old friend, which helps to really build a bond with the relationships you have developed on-line, then off-line into the real world.

So get out there! Start networking, connecting and building relationships.

Here are a few resources that will help with your networking.

Business Networking Web Sites

Ad Holes
Fast Pitch
Start Up Nation
Meet Up

Design Networking/Portfolio Web Sites

Carbon Made
Design: Related
Creative Hotlist
Design Hide
Designer ID
Logo Pond
Logo Lounge

Design Forums

HOW Design Magazine
Freelance Switch
Graphic Design
Estetica Design
You The Designer
Designers Talk
All Graphic Design

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Winner of the UPrinting Give Away: 500 Free Tri-fold Brochure Printing & Shipping

Mayhem Studios and UPrinting are proud to announce the Winner of the UPrinting Give Away: 500 Free Tri-fold Brochure Printing & Shipping.

Thank You @UPrinting and @Youthedesigner for sponsoring this giveaway in support of the creative community.

Congrats to Andrew Moon, @amoon66 | WINNER of 500 Free Tri-fold Brochure Printing & Shipping

Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

UPrinting Give Away: 500 Free Tri-fold Brochure Printing & Shipping

Mayhem Studios and UPrinting are teaming up again for another awesome give away. This time around, an even sweeter deal! 500 Free 8.5 x 11 Trifold Brochures on 100lb gloss or matte printing + free ground shipping within the United States.

ONE LUCKY WINNER will be chosen at random from all the entries.

I would like to thank @UPrinting and @youthedesigner for sponsoring this give away in support of the creative community.


UPrinting is a leading online printing company that provides high quality printing at the most affordable prices including; Canvas Prints, Business Card Printing, Brochures, Postcards and more.

For over 25 years, UPrinting has been a trusted leader in online printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous Free File Review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment.

UPrinting offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide.


1. Follow @UPrinting and @youthedesigner

2. Tweet: UPrinting Giveaway: 500 Free Brochure Printing & Shipping @uprinting @youthedesigner

3. Leave a comment with your Twitter ID and email address

4. Deadline: Sept 23, 2009

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Winners of the UPrinting Give Away: 1000 Free Business Cards and Canvas Print

Mayhem Studios and UPrinting are proud to announce the Winners of the 1000 Free Business Cards and One 18x24 Canvas Print Giveaway. Thank You @UPrinting and @Youthedesigner for sponsoring this giveaway in support of the creative community.

Tru Shots, @thetrudz | WINNER of 1000 Free standard size business cards

Justin Woods, @jsw0984 | WINNER of one Free 18x24 rolled canvas print

+ Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UPrinting Give Away: 1000 Free Business Cards And One 18x24 Canvas Print

Mayhem Studios and UPrinting is teaming up to give away: 1000 Free Business Cards and One 18x24 Canvas Print to two lucky winners. I would like to thank UPrinting for sponsoring this give away in support of the creative community.


UPrinting is a leading online printing company that provides high quality printing at the most affordable prices including; Canvas Prints, Business Card Printing, Brochures, Postcards and more.

For over 25 years, UPrinting has been a trusted leader in online printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous Free File Review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment.

UPrinting offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide.


Leave a comment at the end of the blog post, describing what you would use the free business cards and/or canvas print for.


+ 1000 Free standard size business cards for one reader
+ One Free 18x24 rolled canvas print for one reader.

*You can choose from any of their stocks for these items.


+ Give away will end July 24, 2009
+ Winner will be announced on July 27, 2009
+ Must leave contact information, email or Twitter name
+ Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Layers Magazine: Twitter Round Table Discussion With Mayhem Studios

Nancy Masse of Layers Magazine asked a few who were active on Twitter, to participate in a two part Twitter round table discussion; Jacob Cass, Just Creative, Andy Sowards,, Adam Nollmeyer, Acme Photography and Calvin Lee, (myself) Mayhem Studios who work in the creative industry to share our insights from an individual’s point of view on Social Media.

In Twitter Round Table Part 1: We were asked a set of questions regarding Social Media through Twitter, back in January.

In Twitter Round Table Part 2: We re-visit the participants in our first round table discussions to see exactly how much has changed in the four months since our last discussions.

Follow me, @mayhemstudios @NAPP_News @JustCreative @AndySowards and @AcmePhoto on Twitter.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Billings 3 Giveaway: Time Billing and Invoicing Software

I'll be giving away 2 licences of Billings 3, sponsored by Marketcircle. Billings is a time tracking and invoicing application for the Mac, targeted at designers & freelancers.

Billings generates the most professional looking invoices anywhere and includes 30 professionally designed templates to choose from. Simply add your logo and contact details and you are ready to invoice out of the box. You can get your first invoice out in 5 minutes.

It was just announced that Billings won an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2009

UPDATE: Congrats to Winners Adrian Mironescu (@mironescu) and Tim Rodgers (@timrodgers)


It's Simple! Just leave a comment below. That's It! I will announce the two winners on here in a week. Good Luck!

I would like to also thank Ryan Cash, Marketing + PR Co-ordinator at Marketcircle for helping with the giveaway. For more information about Billings 3, head on over to Marketcircle.

Follow me, @mayhemstudios @marketcircle and @RyanACash on Twitter.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Web Designer Magazine: Five Questions with Mayhem Studios

I had the pleasure of Dave Harfield interview me for Web Designer Magazine: Web Design for Real People and defining the internet through beautiful design. I was asked, "Five Questions with Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios."

The Five Questions Were Fun Yet Informative:
+ Describe yourself in five words?
+ Which design tool makes the biggest contribution to your creative output and why?
+ What do you consider to be the most useful technique in the design/development process?
+ Web creatives love designer fonts. What’s your favourite and why?
+ One tip that you would give anyone trying to get into the industry?

So head on over to Web Designer Magazine to find out what my answers were to the, "Five Questions with Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios."

Follow @mayhemstudios and @WebDesignerMag on Twitter.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Mayhem Studios Featured in 100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers

Several of my tips and my work will be included in a new book about freelancing, "100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers: Insider Secrets for Working Smart & Staying Creative," published by Rockport and authored by Steve Gordon, Jr. with Laurel Saville.

Good habits are found in every part of the design process, from promoting yourself well in order to land the client, to working with that client, to achieving the desired results on press.

"100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers" reveals solutions from a wide range of freelance designers whose years of experience have helped them find not only the most creative solutions for their clients’ design needs, but also the most successful solutions. The book also focuses on the daily habits that inspire these designers to stay creative, and business strategies to be successful when working on your own.

About Steve Gordon, Jr.
Steve Gordon, Jr. has been a professional graphic designer for the better part of a decade. He’s run the full range of the career path with experience from in-house design at internationally recognized Fortune 1000 companies, agency and studio work, to now working as an independent designer and creative consultant, RDQLUS Creative.

He frequently lectures on how small studios/freelance designers can stay competitive in the design field at conferences such as the HOW Conference.

Follow @mayhemstudios and @RDQLUS_Creative on Twitter.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mayhem Studios Interviewed on Inspiredology

I was lucky enough to be interview by Chad Mueller, owner of Inspiredology, an awesome website about inspiration for all things design.

Chad asked me a few fun and interesting questions like:

+ Where do you look for sources of inspiration?
+ What is your favourite aspect of logo design?
+ Who do you look up to in your field?
+ How has using Twitter helped the popularity of you?
+ What sort of social media tools have you found most successful?
+ What advice would you give to someone looking to specialize?

Head on over to Inspiredology, and read my interview to find out a little more about me.

Follow me, @mayhemstudios and @chadmueller on Twitter.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

How to Brand Yourself with a Twitter Background

I recently wrote an article for Twitter Backgrounds Gallery website, "How to Brand Yourself with a Twitter Background."

In the article, I talk about when marketing and branding yourself, you want all pieces to look similar and cohesive: logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, website, brochure, media kit, marketing materials, signage, etc.

And how Twitter profile backgrounds is another tool in helping to market and promote yourself. The background should match your existing brand or look. Twitter backgrounds get noticed if they’re: unique, fresh and stands out from the crowd.

I also go into topics about

+ What size should the Twitter background be?
+ Type of Twitter Designs
+ Tile or not to tile
+ Contrast and readability

The article is up on Twitter Backgrounds Gallery website now. You can read the full article HERE.

Follow @mayhemstudios and @TwitterBGallery on Twitter.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mayhem Studios & Jumeau Help Prevent Child Abuse One Tweet at a Time

Todays blog post is different from my normal design related posts. @mayhemstudios is teaming up with @jumeau to help spread the word and bring awareness in preventing child abuse in America.

Prevent Child Abuse – America (PCA America) affects change at the governmental and community level. PCA promotes better child development process and provide parents with better conditions to be the kind of parents they want to be. Check out the PCA Website & blog for more information.

For the next 3 days, please help us to spread the word about preventing child abuse and be automatically entered to win 1 of the 5 free Bags/Belts (your choice) from Jumeau.

So how do you enter?
Simple! All you have to do is send the following Tweet on Twitter:

Enter To Win 1 of the 5 Free Bags/Belts From @Jumeau #PCA-America

+ To enter, Tweet this message!
+ Enter multiple times! (10 entry max with extra 5 entries for every 1,000 followers you have)
+ More you Tweet the message, the better your odds of winning!
+ Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM, EST on Saturday, March 28, 2009

But Wait there’s More!
Everyone that DONATES at least $10 directly to Prevent Child Abuse America will be entered to win one of ten $50 gift certificates from Jumeau – picked at random by PCA on Saturday.


Jumeau has pledged to donate 25% of all sales between now and Midnight on Friday to PCA. All you need to do is go to the Jumeau online store and use coupon code – “TwitterPCA” during the checkout.

Direct costs associated with child abuse and neglect including foster care services, hospitalization, mental health treatment, and law enforcement total more than $33 billion. Indirect costs of over $70 billion include loss of productivity as well as expenditures related to chronic health problems, special education, and the criminal justice system. To learn more about the PCA America report, please visit,

Jumeau routinely supports: non-profit events, school fundraisers, sports fundraisers, church/religious fundraisers. If you have an event, please contact Jumeau about participating.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mayhem Studios Featured in Video: How To Turn Twitter Followers into Friends

Jesse Newhart, Digital Media Explorer and owner of has a really great video on his blog "How To Turn Twitter Followers into Friends." Jesse takes you through how to becoming friends with your followers and succeed in building relationships on Twitter.

Jesse uses me, Mayhem Studios as an example of how I built relationships on Twitter, by helping others out, participating, interacting, tweeting using information, retweeting others, being part of the community, replying to questions, having good manners and sharing part of your life.

Another great video, "Now Your Followers Are Friends. Now What?" from Khayyam Wakil, I am Khayyam blog. A follow up to Jesse's video, "How To Turn Twitter Followers into Friends."

Khayyam goes over how to use Twitalyzer and what all the numbers mean. Twitalyzer is a unique tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, clout, and other useful measures of success in social media.

He also talks about how Twitter is mainstream from ABC News, "Tweet Like a Bird: Your Guide."

So check out all the great videos and free to follow us on Twitter, @mayhemstudios @jessenewhart @iamkhayyam

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Chat With Twitter Master & Designer Calvin Lee

If you're on Twitter, you probably already know Calvin Lee, principal and creative director of Mayhem Studios. Calvin is one of the most helpful designers on twitter. You can always depend on him to tweet/retweet an interesting article, answer questions or make a witty comment.

In this interview by Grant Friedman, owner of Colorburned Studios, decided to stray away from the usual questions about design, instead, asked questions about how Calvin became one of the biggest design tweeters out there.

Head over to Colorburned Studios and read the interview, A Chat With Twitter Master & Designer Calvin Lee.

Follow @mayhemstudios and @colorburned on Twitter.

About Grant Friedman
Grant Friedman is the creative mind behind Colorburned Studios, a freelance design studio.

Grant started his website as a means to showcase his artwork and designs as well as to share his thoughts on current design trends. Colorburned Studios offers unique design resources and tutorials to other designers who may be interested in learning some new techniques.

Grant started as a designer in 1999. Volunteering to design a e-newsletter for an organization, which he was involved with. From that moment on, he was hooked. He spent most of those early days designing websites for organizations and individuals. It wasn't long before his interest in web design spawned into a passion for design in general.

Today, his passion for design includes; graphic design, illustration as well as print and web design. Over the years, Grant has worked for a number of businesses, organizations and individuals on a number of projects, in a variety of roles.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

13 Tips You Should Know About Before Flying Solo

When starting out on your own for the first time it can be very scary, not knowing when your next pay check will be coming from. I wish I had information that was available to me back then to help ease the transition into flying solo.

I was lucky enough to work at a small marketing firm on my first job. I worked there for about two years before it went out of business but during those two years. I did learn the ins and outs of running a design firm, working with clients and print shops, prepping press ready files, juggling many projects and the business end of design.

These are thirteen tips I believe you should know about before going solo. I hope they useful and helpful to you. If you have any other tips to add, please feel free to comment below.

Be honest with yourself – Know your strengths and weaknesses. Surround yourself with good people that compliment your weaknesses. Be sure that you know your stuff; design and the process from concepts to print production to web design.

Learn from your day job – Learn everything you can before going on your own, from your day job. Like how to run a business, invoicing, billing, estimates, working with print shops, preparing print ready files, working with clients, file management, etc.

Saved your pennies – Save up some money before starting out on your own. It can be very tough getting your name out there in the beginning. Back up money, can really help you through those dry times.

Dealing with clients - Be patient with clients and educate them on your process. Never let them see you sweat. Be cool and level headed, even with the difficult ones. It’s about what you can do for them.

Be organized – Set up all your folders for each project. Place all paperwork related to the project in the folders: estimates, invoices, emails, correspondence, design, concepts, etc., so that it can be found easily. Also set up job folder on your computer for each project; concepts, layered files, text, etc.

Learn the business side – Make sure you learn about the business side of design; getting the proper licenses, permits, taxes, business forms, dealing with clients, self-promotion, getting new clients, etc., when starting a business.

Taxes – Read up and research about which taxes apply to you. Tax breaks, licenses, permits and what you can write off, etc., to insure not to get penalized by the IRS.

Branding - Brand yourself, let potential clients see you as a brand/product, a total package. Everything should look similar: logo, resume, business cards, marketing materials, signage, website, etc.

Make Connections – Make connections and network within/outside of your industry before going solo. It makes it a lot easier when you're on your own. It's who you know most of the time. You never know, who may refer you through word of mouth.

Contracts - Before you start any project or do any kind of work. Always get a signed contract and a 25%-50% deposit. A contract protects you and your client from any miscommunications. A 25%-50% deposit insures that the client is serious about working with you. Consult an attorney once you have drafted a contract, to cover all your bases.

Business Forms - When starting out in any business, it's very important having a logo, business cards or stationery, so you look professional. It's equally important having business forms that help in organizing and running of your business.

Creative Brief - It's a good idea to get some background information about your client before starting on any project. It will help to met client goals and expectations. Using a creative brief will help accomplish this.

A creative brief lays out the visual design directions to explore and the objectives of the project. Using the information on the form to make sure that we are both focused and are on the same page throughout the creative process to deliver the clients message.

Website - Make sure you have a website or a place to display your work with all your information. If you're not comfortable with building a website yourself. There are many free online web galleries you can use.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

How Do You Twitter: Mayhem Studios?

Paddy Donnelly, owner of Iampaddy, Belgium based website, chats with Calvin Lee, principal and creative director of Mayhem Studios. Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, Designer Guy and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy!

Calvin Lee is one of the most retweeted users on Twitter and gives us his thoughts on his Twitter addiction and how it should be used.

Head on over to Iampaddy and read the interview, How Do You Twitter: Mayhem Studios?.

You may also follow @mayhemstudios and @paddydonnelly on Twitter.

About Paddy Donnelly
Paddy Donnelly is a web designer, illustrator, blogger and eternal student from Ballycastle, Ireland who journeys through the Internet every day looking for interesting, funny and weird stuff, like everyone else. He has been known to drop everything to partake in Internet projects, which distract him from the monotony of regular life.

His online adventures have been in a constant effort to study social media’s effects on education and the daily lives of creative individuals, while discovering the path to constructing a valuable online presence for himself in the creative web community.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Self-Promotion: The Press Release

Have some exciting news or completed a successful project? That's a great reason to send out a press release and a way to promote yourself, your services without sounding like a saleman. When writing a press release, go into details how your solution made the project a success.

Give credit to the client with background information about them, their company and link backs when possible. You're not only promoting your clients but also yourself. They will appreicate it.

The more press releases you have online, on the different press release websites, more likely you'll pop up in searches on search engines. Press releases is one great way to get ranked near the top of most searches. Also submit your press releases to media outlets; news wire, local/national/industry related newspapers and magazines.

There is a great article on BoDo, written by author Neil Tortorella, "Building Your Media List." The article is about building your prospects and contacts list. Simple things you can do yourself by checking local newspapers, business magazines and local book stores. Using your contact list to distribute your news and PR.

Another great resource for press coverage is Peter Shankman, owner of HARO, Help a Reporter Out™. Reporters need sources and people to contribute to their articles. When you sign up for HARO. Each day, you'll receive up to three emails, each with anywhere from 15-30 queries per email. If you see a query you can answer, go for it! It's that simple.

A few online press release resources you can submit to. Also check out the megalist of free press release websites on Blogging Secret.

+ Associated Press
+ Biz Journals
+ Fast Pitch
+ PR Compass
+ Online PR News
+ PR Leap - fee
+ PR Web - fee
+ PR For $25 - fee
+ PR Mac
+ Free Press Release
+ 24/7 Press Release
+ PR Log
+ California Press Release
+ 1888 Press Release
+ Click Press
+ Free News Release
+ I-Newswire
+ PR
+ PR 9

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Braintalk: 15 Answers with Mayhem Studios

Calvin Lee, principal and creative director of Mayhem Studios, interviewed by Sharebrain for their monthly column, Braintalk: 15 Answers. Where designers are asked the same 15 questions, but with 15 very different insightful answers into their process, inspiration and daily lives.

Head on over to Sharebrain and read the interview, Braintalk: 15 Answers with Calvin Lee. Hope everyone will find the interview helpful and inspiring.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mayhem Studios Latest Contributions Around The Blogosphere

I have been pretty busy lately networking/meeting new people on Twitter. Twitter is a great marketing and promotional tool. I will write more about Twitter on a future blog post.

All my hard work has been paying off as I have been contributing and featured on a few blogs and websites. Below are few places I may be seen at.

40+ Creative Logos Submitted By The Designers

Brain Hoff, owner of The Design Cubicle asked Mayhem Studios and fellow graphic designers if they’d be interested in submitting their favorite designed logos to be featured on The Design Cubicle. Following are the results.

29 Of The Best Print Design Projects Submitted By The Designers

Once again, Brain Hoff, owner of The Design Cubicle asked Mayhem Studios and fellow graphic designer’s on Twitter if they would be interested in submitting what they feel to be their best or favorite printed design project. Here’s what they’ve got to show for it.

20 Branding Tips Using Only Social Media Sites

Branding yourself and/or your business is a great way to build yourself up as an expert and build up your business in the eyes of the masses. But what if you don’t know where to start on branding yourself online? Would you jump all over the idea of Mayhem Studios and other creatives giving you 20 branding tips using only social media sites?

The Twittering! A Closer Look at the Social Media Giant

Twitter certainly has revolutionized the social media networking scene, bringing a vibrant new connectivity to so many online communities that are thriving through this 140 character or less. There are many awesome tools/apps for Twitter that make tweeting more enjoyable and fun. Angie Bowen owner of Ar-bent-ing asked Mayhem Studios and tweeting addicts around the world what are some of their favorite tools/apps that enhance their Twitter experience.

One Month Later... Rob Barrett Web Site Redesign.

Rob Barrett, graphic designer in South London, new site design has been up for a month now, and it’s seen a huge improvement over its previous incarnation. This has been partly due to a push to better his self-promotion, but also hugely thanks to Mayhem Studios and a number of other great fellow designers, all of whom are quick and willing to help out at a moment’s notice. This post goes out to them, and the various sites I’ve latched onto to shout about this site — thanks, guys!

30 Creative Twitter Theme Backgrounds

One thing about Twitter is its simplicity. There are restrictions that limit our creativity boundaries so if you want to make an impression with your Twitter profile it all comes down to the background. Mayhem Studios Twitter profile background is one of 30 creative backgrounds which stands out above the rest, featured on Lee Munroe's web site.

Another 15 Beautiful Twitter Themes

Theming is an important aspect for any social networking site since that lets you represent your interests as well as your business. Good looking themes obviously draws the attention of your visitors. Twitter has it’s own restrictions when it comes to theming. Mayhem Studios Twitter profile background is one of the 15 Beautiful Twitter Themes featured on the Productive Dreams web site.

127 RSS Feeds That All Designers Should Subscribe To

Mayhem Studios listed as one of the 127 designers feeds every designer should subscribe to said, the Color Burned web site.

Organized Chaos Inspiration: Musically Designed

Nearly everyone gets inspired and pumped up by music. Music is one of the few things that connect all of us. Arron Lock owner of Organized Chaos asked Mayhem Studios and a few of his Twitter/Designer friends, what music inspires them to create.

My Ink Trail: Best of the Web, October 2008

Its been another fantastic month in the design blogosphere. Mayhem Studios article, Networking On-line for Potential Clients is one, in the collection of the best articles, tutorials, freebies and more from the design community on the My Ink Blog web site.

Andy Sowards Web Development Nerdy Daily Links

Mayhem Studios interview with Freelance Switch, Self-Promotion Made Easy: An Interview With Calvin Lee and blog post, Networking On-line For Potential Clients are featured links on Andy Sowards Web Development Nerdy Daily Links.

Mayhem Studios Freelance Switch Member Of The Month

Based on Mayhem Studios activity and participation, he was chosen as the member of the month for the Freelance Switch forums.

Brian Yerkes Subscribers/Readers Link Love

Mayhem Studios is one of the Subscribers/Readers Link Love featured on Brian Yerkes web site. As a way to give something back to his regular visitors, and all of the new ones that have been flowing in during the past few weeks.

150+ Most Active Designers on Twitter Everyone Must Follow

Twitter Here, Twitter There, Twitter Everywhere. More and more people are getting in on the fun of using Twitter as networking and marketing tool. Mayhem Studios is one of the 150+ Most Active Designers on Twitter Everyone Must Follow according to Naldz Graphics web site.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mayhem Studios Business Cards Flogged On The Design Cubicle

Brian Hoff, owner of The Design Cubicle recently joining the Twitter community. He's been introduced to a diverse range of creative and talented persons that share his same passion for graphic/web design, web development and blogging.

Brian asked Mayhem Studios along with twenty five other designers, developers and blogger friends on Twitter, if they would like their business cards featured on his next blog post, 26 Business Cards of Graphic & Web Designers on Twitter.

You can read the full article and discussion at The Design Cubicle.

Mayhem Studios also received a mention in the October issue of Flogged Magazine (pdf - 5.2 mb). As one of the featured Twitters of the month.
"Some exciting, beautiful and funny tweeples we’ve met on twitter ... you’ve made the past month exciting, thank you."

About The Design Cubicle
The Design Cubicle is run by Brian Hoff. A graphic/web designer and front-end web developer with 7 years of professional experience.

His experience and passion for graphic design has led him to start The Design Cubicle which focuses on graphic design, offering free tips, resources, articles on all subjects of print and web design. Topics range from, but not limited to, print and logo design, web design, typography, freelancing and marketing.

For more information about Brian Hoff, please visit

About Flogged Magazine
Has a client rejected one of your designs recently? It was a great one too. You kept on looking at the design, it excited you! Well, send it off to Flogged Magazine, we celebrate good designs that have been flogged in a monthly magazine.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Mayhem Studios First Featured Tweeter on Just Tweet It

With only 3 days into the launch of the new Twitter related web site, Just Tweet It, created by designers Adelle Charles & Dani McDaniel. They have gotten some amazing feedback from the community and a lot of love has been spread.

Just Tweet It have chosen to feature Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios as their First Featured Tweeter! Calvin is a designer/blogger who is always hard at work tweeting and re-tweeting to help his fellow colleagues and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Feel free to follow @mayhemstudios, @Adellecharles and @Dani on Twitter.

About Just Tweet It
Just Tweet It is a directory to find other Tweeters that share your interests, search for friends, and keep up with the latest Twitter tools, links and information.

Just Tweet It was created by designers Adelle Charles & Dani McDaniel. They wanted to make it easier for people using the popular micro-blogging service Twitter to find other “Tweeters” with similar interests.

About Adelle Charles
Adelle Charles is a Designer & Blogger who runs Fuel Your Creativity &

She is an obsessive email checker and highly addicted to Starbucks. Loves to add "fuel to the fire" any chance she gets. Her dogs Chino and Jameson jot down ideas for her while she's at work. They are obviously the secret to her success.

About Dani McDaniel
Dani McDaniel owner of Anidan Design with over 8 years experience in web and graphic design. Dani loves to help people design their individual place on the internet.

Dani specializes in css/xhtml and Wordpress customization, she can code a design you already have or help you to design a brand new one that sets you miles apart from your competitors!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mayhem Studios Contributes To Article: Designers Favorite Fonts In Use

Niki Brown of Design O'Blog asked Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios along with seven other top designers in the design field, what their favorite fonts are and why?

Among these top design professionals that contributed to the article included: Jeff Fisher, Jeff Fisher Logomotives, David Airey,, Steph Adamo,, Liz Andrade, Cmd+Shift Design , Renee Rist, Ribbons of Red, Chris Coyier, CSS Tricks, and Adelle Charles, Fuel Your Creativity.

You can read the full article and discussion at Design O'Blog.

Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, gives us a little preview of his thoughts on what his favorite font is and why?
"One of my favorite headline/sub headline fonts is Rosewood, which I used on a five-page article design for Create Magazine. I also used the font Imago, a san serif to balance and compliment Rosewood, a wilder font."

About Niki Brown
Niki Brown is the owner of the wildly popular Design O'Blog. Niki has be designing since she was a little kid - drawing cartoons, making fake newspapers, and planning a plot to take over the world. OK, maybe not. Niki's early interests in design were heightened when she got her first computer, it was love at first sight!

She made her first website in 1996, with the help of geocities and word-art. Now the rest is history. Fast forward to today - Niki is all grown up with a nifty degree that says "I know what I'm doing."

When Niki is not designing, eating, or sleeping you can usually find her blogging or running. She's been known to dress up in red flannel and run when its really cold outside. Niki's most recent accomplishment was completing the Dam to Dam 20k (half marathon).

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Beginners Design Guide: Preparing For The Interview

The past three months, I had a chance to work with two great interns. It was a pleasure walking them through the process of taking a project from the sketch/thumbnail stages to Photoshop mock-up, to print ready art/html/css.

Before their intership ended. I gave them a few tips on preparing for their interviews. I'm sharing the same tips here, in hopes, it may be helpful to other designers just starting out.

I would like to also thank Emily Lewis, owner of A Blog Not Limited, with additions to my list; Any Questions? and Thank You Letter, along with her suggestions.

+ Be Prepared For The Interview - Wear your best clothes: dress, dress shirt, tie, shoes, etc. Be confident, if not, act like you're. Do research on the company before the interview, Google (what they specialize in, what they are about).

+ Brand Yourself - Let employers see you as a brand/product, a total package. Everything should look similar: resume, business cards, leave behind and your portfolio pages.

+ Resume - Don't clutter your resume. It should be designed but not overly designed. Make sure it's simple and easy to access your information.

+ Any Questions? - In most, if not all interviews. You will be asked if you have any questions for them. Be prepared with a few thoughtful questions that show your interest in the job, but also your commitment to your career. Such as: "Can you give me an example of how the team/department works in terms of division of tasks?" Or: "What are the growth opportunities for this position in terms of either job growth, continuing education or both?"

+ Thank You Letter - Never forget to follow-up with a thank you letter (or email, though letter gives a personal touch). Make sure to, obviously, thank the interviewer for the opportunity. But also to reiterate how you can benefit the organization and, conversely, how the organization can benefit you

+ Portfolio - Your portfolio should have between 8-10 pieces of your best work, too many pieces will bore the interviewer. Don't put pieces in you don't like. Make sure you have nice quality printouts. Try to include a wide range of design projects in your portfolio. You can also tailor your portfolio to specific design positions like logo design or web design, only show those pieces.

+ Leave Behind - You may want to create a leave behind promotional piece; postcard or a folder with 3-4 samples of your work, resume and business card. This will keep you in their minds and give an impression that you're willing to take that extra step.

+ Website - Make sure you have a website or a place to display your work with all your information. Also make sure to have different file formats of your resume for potential employers, so they can download: pdf, Microsoft Word document, text file.

If you're not comfortable with building a website yourself. There are many free online web galleries you can upload to, below are a few.

+ Carbon Made
+ Design Related
+ Coroflot
+ Designer ID
+ Flickr
+ Veer
+ Design Hide
+ Behance
+ Logo Pond

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mayhem Studios Contributes to Article: How to Find & Keep a Great Designer

Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, accompanied by some of the top notch blogosphere experts on the web today; David Airey, +, Brian Lovin, Elite By Design, Jeff Finley, Go Media and Ryan Downie, answers the question of "How do I find and keep a great designer?" for

It seems like a simple question, but to other small companies the task can be daunting. Even ridiculous, unless you have 100’s of thousands of dollars to throw around - you're on your own!

Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, gives his thoughts on the topic, what the client should know up front.
"As a designer, I want to be honest and upfront. Let the client know what they will be expecting in deliverables and how much the project will cost. This can be accomplished with a signed contract and a 50% deposit before starting any project, with the exact details of what the client will be receiving."

You can read the full article and discussion at Fuel Your Creativity.

About Fuel Your Creativity
Fuel Your Creativity is an open site and forum where everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to exchange ideas and tips. It’s not just for designers either. Writers, photographers, graffitists…come one, come all. There are new posts a couple times a week and sometimes more than that. Check back often. It is our hope that you will… Find your spark.

About Adelle Charles
Adelle Charles is a Designer & Blogger who runs Fuel Your Creativity & She is an obsessive email checker and highly addicted to Starbucks. Loves to add "fuel to the fire" any chance she gets. Her dogs Chino and Jameson jot down ideas for her while she's at work. They are obviously the secret to her success.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Mayhem Studios Contributes To BoDo Article, Marketing Your Pro Bono Work: It’s All About You

Mayhem Studios contributes to an article, Marketing Your Pro bono Work: It’s All About You, for BoDo, written by wordsmith Thomas Stephan.

Stephan shows how to promote and make your pro bono projects work for you, using press releases, blogs, e-newsletters, forums, social networking and social bookmarking web sites. When writing press releases it should consist of the "Five W's," Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, gives his thoughts about self-promotion.
"If you’re a freelancer, self-promotion is a must. How else do you expect a potential client to know about you? Most new designers—even some pros—don’t view self-promotion as an option. Many frown upon self-promoting, as it’s bragging and name-dropping. In a way, it’s bragging but to me it’s more about letting people know who I am and what I can do to help them.”

You can read the full article at Bodo: Marketing Your Pro bono Work: It’s All About You

About Bodo
BoDo: Business of Design Online, blogs about the business of design including: starting your own design business (online or off); marketing; dealing with clients; working with printers, photographers, copywriters and other surrounding industries; pretty much anything to help a design business grow.

About Thomas Stephan
Thomas Stephan carries more than a decade of experience in non-profits of various sizes and venues, and has freelanced for the past 5 years in various creative areas including copywriting, web design, custom graphics for print and web and marketing. He has designed for TT Electronics, The Texas State Aquarium, The University of Texas Law School and Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, and has written for the Art Museum of South Texas, The University of Montana, Korby Imagery and the United States Navy.

Stephan current position is Director of Communications with the largest non-profit social service agency in the state of Texas, where he manages content on four websites, print design, marketing and public relations for seven satellite offices, three residential treatment centers and three retirement facilities, not including the identity and promotion of five annual fundraisers.

Thomas Stephan can be contacted at for any wordsmithing.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Social Bookmarking Equals More Traffic

In the past, I have written about Networking and Marketing On-Line with business, design and portfolio web sites along with forums.

Another great way is Social Bookmarking. Social Bookmarking is sharing your content like articles, blog posts, press releases and personal bookmarks on bookmarking web sites. It's a good way to bring more traffic to your web site.

By bookmarking on these web sites. It's the easiest way to get registered on search engines. Search engine spiders crawl all the major bookmarking web sites and will lead to links on your web site.

Another important thing to remember is to include keywords, labels and tags on the bookmarking web sites. Makes it a lot easier for people to find your bookmarked links.

General Social Bookmarking Web Sites

+ Digg
+ Stumble Upon
+ Sphinn
+ Reddit
+ Technorati
+ Blink List
+ Diigo
+ Beamark
+ Simpy
+ Ma.gnolia

Design Social Bookmarking Web Sites

+ Design Float
+ Design Bump
+ Design Moo

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Self-Promotion Made Easy: Mayhem Studios Interviewed on FreelanceSwitch

Calvin Lee, Principal and Creative Director of Mayhem Studios, a small award-winning design studio located in Los Angeles, was interviewed by the FreelanceSwitch website written by Kristen Fischer, Self-Promotion Made Easy: An Interview With Calvin Lee. The interview discusses self-promotion and spec work with the designer.

The Studio would like to also thank Jeff Fisher, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives for writing about the Studios FreelanceSwitch interview on his blog, Identity Crisis. It's very much appreciated!

About FreelanceSwitch
FreelanceSwitch is a site for freelancers. Whether you’ve been freelancing for years, have just started or are considering making the switch, this is the place to get all the information and support you need.

About Kristen Fischer
Kristen Fischer is a freelance writer living at the Jersey Shore. She began writing Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs during 2004, after experiencing many trials and triumphs while forming her copywriting business. She released her second book, Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes: An After-College Guide to Life in Spring 2007.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

500 Simple Website Hints, Tips & Techniques Hits Book Stores

Mayhem Studios, award-winning design firm featured in Jamie Freeman's book, 500 Simple Website Hints, Tips, and Techniques. Make Up Media and the Studios' own website design will be included in the book. 500 Simple Website Hints, Tips, and Techniques is currently in book stores.

You may view the table of contents HERE.

500 Simple Website Hints, Tips, and Techniques is a jargon-free handbook on the basics of website design. The book offers advice on planning your site, with an introduction to information architecture, tools, scripting basics, file and image formats, choosing and buying a domain name, and methods of testing websites. Key design aspects, such as colors, typefaces, and rollovers are also explored.

The book includes essential advice on following web standards, ensuring a site loads quickly, achieving a high ranking on search engines, and offers tips on marketing strategies. Once you’ve got a website that works and can be easily found, the book explains the best way to add creative and fun extras, such as Flash animation, movies, audio, blogs, and podcasts.

Jamie Freeman is a website designer and has also written several articles about designing for the web. He currently works for Message, a company that designs and builds websites. He lives in Hove, UK.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Big Book of Logos 5 Hit Book Stores

Mayhem Studios is recognized for its logo design work. The Studio' are among the contributing artists, agencies and designers for inclusion in David E. Carter's, The Big Book of Logos 5. The Big Book of Logos 5, a collection of logo designs from around world. 12 logos from the Studio' are among the winning logo designs that will be featured in the book, now available in book stores.

Mayhem Studios clients include Downtown Entertainment, ET Products, Baca Sigala & Associates, Applied Dialing, All Sport, Sports Bar, Dermatologic Laser Institute, Calvin Lee Design and Southeast Student Film Festival are among the logos featured in the book.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

What Can You Write Off On Taxes?

I'm not a tax expert, please consult a tax professional.

I do have a a few tips on what you can write off. It's basically anything for your business. Make sure to keep all your receipts, just in case you get audited. You can also use credit card statements, credit card sale slips, bank statements, canceled checks, invoices and paid bills as proof.

A Few Samples of What You Can Write Off

+ Hardware/Software
+ Training/Conferences
+ Books/Magazines
+ Subscriptions/Memberships
+ Office Expenses
+ Advertising/Promotions
+ Mileage
+ Web Hosting/Internet
+ Office/Cell Phone
+ Research

A Few Tax Resources

+ The Internal Revenue Service
+ Business Expenses
+ Self-Employment Tax
+ Tax Strategies
+ Hang on to that Receipt!
+ Deductions Your Small Business Shouldn't Miss
+ How to Keep the IRS From Knocking on Your Door
+ The Truth About Receipts for Business Purchases

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Business Forms

When starting out in your business, it's very important having your logo, business cards or stationery looking professional. It's equally important having forms that help in organizing and running of your business, like a contract or creative brief, which I have talked about in previous posts.

A few resources of free forms to use for your business

+ Creative Business
+ Entrepreneur
+ BoDo

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mayhem Studios Featured on Create Magazine's Create Cast, Podcast

The Studios latest blog post, On-Line Copyright Infringement is featured on Create Magazine's February 18th Create Cast, Podcast, Blog Spotlight. The article explains 4 simple things you can do to have work stolen from your site removed.

Be sure to check out Create Magazine's website. It's a great free resource to help promote yourself. Create Magazine gives you many free tools: posting your portfolio, your latest news, blog posts and the opportunity to network with other creatives.

The Create Cast
Create Magazine's free weekly podcast, provides interesting interviews with leaders in their particular creative field. The Create Cast is another way for Create to fulfill on our mission to inform, connect, inspire and educate the creative community.

Create Magazine
Provides creative professionals with an insider's perspective on the people, news, trends and events that influence the local advertising and creative production industries. Articles and features, written by local creative leaders and influencers, keep Create readers well-informed about the changing climate of business and competition. The magazine prides itself on not only its content, but also by the way that it is displayed. Create is published bi-monthly and gives creative professionals a great medium for sharing information that facilitates strategic partnerships and career growth within their respective communities.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

On-line Copyright Infringement: 4 Ways To Remove Your Stolen Work

If you're on the internet and post your articles/designs for blogs or websites. Sooner or later the work will ripped off and/or even posted on the thieves website and claiming it as their own.

There are 4 things you can do to have the work removed.

1. Send a friendly email to the site owner, requesting the stolen material be removed. Give them a few days to respond. If there is no response, go to the next step.

2. Send a Cease & Desist letter to the site owner with a deadline for removal of the copyrighted material and will be contacting their host if they don't remove the material. If there is still no response, go to the next step.

3. Send a DMCA Violation Removal Request to Google, requesting a removal of the links from the index.

4. Also send a DMCA Violation Removal Request to their host. Under DMCA, they're required to shut down the site, if you've followed the above steps and they have not responded.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mayhem Studios Works Featured In American Corporate Identity 2008

The Studios' works, Dermatologic Laser Institute Logo, Fagerholm & Jefferson Law Corporation Stationery Design and ET Products Stationery Design are among the winning entries featured in David E. Carter's, American Corporate Identity 2008, Now available in bookstores.

Several hundred creative design firms have work included in American Corporate Identity 2008, ranging from the well known to the up-and-coming. Many trend setting styles have first appeared in this series since its inception, making this book a must-have reference for every corporate identity designer’s bookshelf.

David E. Carter, best-selling editor/author in the history of graphic design books. Since 1972, he has produced more than 100 books; all David E. Carter graphics books are published by HarperCollins of New York City, with distribution in more than 120 countries around the world.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

HOW Design Forum Secret Santa 2007

Every Christmas over at the HOW Design Forum, we have a Secret Santa gift exchange. It was fun waiting to see what I would receive and from whom.

The Wait Is Over! Thanks Tess, Jasmine and Karma for all the gifts.

• The Creative Business Guide To Running a Graphic Design Business
• Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener
• 9th Wonder Heroes TV Show Tee

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas from Mayhem Studios!

We are shutting down the studio next week for the Christmas holiday and spending some time with family in Vegas! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Southern California HOWie Get Together 2007

Most of the time you never get to meet friends you've met on-line. Recently some of us from the HOW Design Forum got together for dinner, drinks and good times.

This is our 2nd annual get together. It was great seeing everyone again from our 2006 get together. I hope we can get together a couple times a year instead of just annually.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mayhem Studios Gets a New Ride

The Studio unveiled its new Radio Control (RC) Car in their new promotion. We thought it would be fun and cool way to use a custom built Radio Control (RC) Car in our new promotions.

It all started when I gave a buddy of mine, Chris (No.e Studios), 2 iwata airbrushes I never use anymore. As a thank you, he custom painted, decal and built the Radio Control Car for me. I thought that was very cool. Thanks Chris!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mayhem Studios Scooped in November Issue of Create Magazine

Mayhem Studios published in the Nov/Dec issue of Create Magazine, Scoops Section, reporting on the Studios latest accolates. Contributed to an article for Home Business Magazine, 12 logos published in the Big Book of Logos 5 and 3 website designs in 500 Simple Website Hints, Tips and Techniques.

About Create Magazine
First published in 2001, Create Magazine is an award-winning, bi-monthly publication that provides creative professionals with an insider's perspective on the people, news, trends and events that influence the local advertising and creative production industries. With five regional editions nationwide, each issue features articles by local community leaders who are the trusted source for information and commentary on the Advertising, Design, Printing, Photography, Film and Video, Animation and New Media industries.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Identity Crisis Lands in Book Stores Near You

Jeff Fisher's latest book, Identity Crisis! 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands, featuring two case studies by the Studio, is now available at your local Borders book stores, Barnes and Noble or online at

For more information, please visit Identity Crisis Book

About Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher, author of the "Savvy Designer's Guide to Success" is the Engineer of Creative Identity for Jeff Fisher LogoMotives. He has received over 550 regional, national and international design awards for his logo design efforts. His work is featured in over 85 books about logos, the business of design, and small business marketing. Fisher serves on the HOW Magazine Editorial Advisory Board, the UCDA Designer Magazine Editorial Advisory Board, and the HOW Design Conference Advisory Council. In addition, Fisher also writes for and HOW Magazine.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Work of Mayhem Studios Featured in the Big book of Design Ideas 3

Mayhem Studios logo design for client Calvin Lee Design will be included in David E. Carters next book, Big Book of Design Ideas 3. The book will be released by HarperCollins in late 2007.

Big Book of Design Ideas 3 is an endless stream of fresh design ideas, readers can turn to this reference source containing numerous inspiring examples of fine graphic design for projects of all kinds. The book contains an assemblage of visual concepts from all over the world. Categories include designs for annual reports, books, calendars, catalogs, editorial layouts, exhibits, labels and tags, letterheads, menus, outdoor advertising, packaging, posters, promotion materials, shopping bags, T-shirts, and even more.

With over nine hundred examples culled from the work of leading professionals in every area of the graphic design field, this volume can become a brain-storming partner on a daily basis for professional and students designers alike, and also come to the aid of entrepreneurs, freelancers, restaurateurs, consultants, and anyone else who needs ideas for designing personalized printed materials.

About David E. Carter
David E. Carter is the best-selling editor/author in the history of graphic design books. Since 1972, he has produced more than 100 books; all David E. Carter graphics books are published by HarperCollins of New York City, with distribution in more than 120 countries around the world.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Mayhem Studios Featured Design in Create Magazine Hits News Stands

The Sept/Oct issue of Create Magazine with our 5 page design/layout featured article, "Agency Roll Call," hit news stands. The layout only appears in the West Coast regional issue. I received my copy the other day. It came out looking great!

You can read the article from the downloadable pdf.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Mayhem Studios Contributes To October Issue of Home Business Magazine

Mayhem Studios is among one of the creatively self-employed contributors interviewed in Home Business Magazine, "How Young Artists, Writers and Other Creative Types Embrace Self-Employment," written by Kristen Fischer, author of "Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs."

It’s inspiring when you hear about people making their dreams a reality. Even more so when they’re doing it before they even turn 40.

You can also download the article HERE (3.91 mb).

When Fischer was promoting her book, "Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs," she found that most interviewers were more amazed by her than the 65+ creatives she interviewed. They seemed stunned when Fischer told them that she was 28 when the book was released, and started working on it at 25. She didn’t think it was a big deal at first, but  then realized what a profound thing she had done by writing that book—and how astonishing it was because she hadn’t even hit 30 yet.
This led her to become intrigued by others around her age who are doing extraordinary things. It’s hard enough to do it as a mid-lifer, but to do it just out of college or with only a few years of experience in the traditional working world? That is really awe-inspiring! So, how do they do it? And are more people considering this career platform?

For more information, please visit Kristen Fischer's website at

About Kristen Fischer
Kristen Fischer is a freelance writer who specializes in creating marketing collateral for a wide array of businesses. After more than three years of working 9-to-5 jobs, she started her copywriting business in 2003. She has contributed to Men's Health magazine, Philadelphia magazine, Skope magazine and College Bound magazine. She lives in Manasquan, New Jersey.

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About me

  • Mayhem Studios is a small award-winning design firm located in Los Angeles, California, developing identity and brand recognition for the business sector across the nation. The Studio uses strategic and creative design with effective messages targeted to the client's specific audiences to produce identity and branded collateral pieces, annual reports, brochures, logo design, advertising and interactive web sites. Calvin Lee, Principal & Creative Director of Mayhem Studios is a graduate of Platt College and serves as a member of the Platt College Advisory Board for the Visual Communications Department, NO!SPEC Committee and on the Creative Latitude Management Team.
My profile
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